The top five reasons our clients hire OPI again and again are:

We bring value to every phase of the project.

Our expertise and understanding of construction will benefit your project from the first meeting through move-in.

We have experience on similar projects.

Our projects range from Bio-Tech to Corporate Headquarters to Seismic upgrades to new buildings. Chances are, we have completed a project similar to the one you are considering.

We meet our deadlines.

OPI has a commitment to completing its projects on time, and we have the satisfied customers who agree that this is true.

We are straightforward and honest.

OPI has an “open book” policy. We do not play games with the subcontractors, you or your money. We immediately pay our subcontractors and vendors upon invoice to keep the project moving.

The subcontractors prefer to work for OPI.

Our commitment to strong customer relations, prompt payment to subcontractors and steady work flow, have allowed us to build a strong relationships in the subcontractor community, which means that if there is a problem – we’ll be able to address the issue promptly and to your satisfaction.